Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father Leonville!

Today, June 11, 2009, Anthony, Judy and I had lunch with father Leonville from Port-de-Paix at the Bagel & Co. in North Miami Beach. Last time I had seen father Leonville was in March of this year when we stayed at the cathedral with my husband, Fernando, Anthony, Luis, Julio, Farid & Tommy. We had a wonderful time at the cathedral, where we had reflections every night at Tommy's room, which had the biggest balcony. I remember it was breeze at night and we could see the tall trees and the beautiful starry sky, while reflecting about our daily experiences in Haiti. This was my favorite activity during our time in Haiti, because we were composing the story and at the same time connecting the different chapters or episodes we would have in the film.
I asked father Leonville today what he misses most from Port-de-Paix. He took some time to think about it, then, he looked in my eyes, and with a smile, he responded "The Children." Every Sunday at 8:00 in the morning he offers a mass for the children and opens a space for interaction and participation. Every time I remember the mass, I can see the smiles of these three girls sitting next to us. They were beautifully dressed, and were having so much fun during the mass. I remember they were pushing one another to go to the altar and answer the father's questions. They would come back to their seats running fast and laughing loud.

"Children are the hope of our nation" said father Leonville during lunch.