Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leadership & Formation!

Along the production of the film "Blooming Hope," the three projects are being developed under the leadership of the three organizations working in Miami, Florida, such as St. Thomas University, Amor en Accion and Catholic Charities. In addition, Just Coffee is working in the coffee cooperative. Leadership and formation is an important phase in the development of these three projects. When we were in Ma Wouj, Cadet Wilson, communicated to the group from St. Thomas University the importance of leadership and formation in their communities. The key action, which will define the success of this journey, rests on those who are identifying the leaders from every community. Leadership is not a simple task to accomplish, it takes the ability of the leader to truly connect with his/her followers in a spiritual dimension. Once the connection is established, responsibility, effective communication, care and hard work would be results of the bonding among members of the communities.

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